Sunday, August 27, 2017

Mr. Brucker's Classroom Procedures

Classroom Procedures for Mr. Brucker's Class 

  1.   Be prepared for class.  This means have all materials ready for      class:  notebook, pencil, completed assignments that are due.

    2.  Be a focused student, not a disruptive student.  Get the most 
         from your learning by following directions and allow other 
         students to do the same.

   3.   Contribute effectively in group situations.  Find your role and 
         do your best to make a group effort a success.

   4.   Check in with Mr. Brucker the morning after an absence to 
         find out what you missed.

   5.   Be Positive!  Come to class with an attitude that will let you 
         achieve the maximum each and every day.

*In addition to these classroom procedures, all students are expected to follow all guidelines outlined in the Student Handbook.   

Welcome Class of 2024

I'd like to welcome our incoming sixth grade students and all those adults who will supporting these children to S.S.L.A.P. - Social Studies Language Arts Period. My name is Mr. Brucker and S.S.L.A.P. for 2017-2018 will include the following Social Studies topics:

*World Geography
*Civil War
*Our Armed Forces and U.S. Military History
*Ancient Greece
*Early Rome
*Ancient China
*Medieval Japan
*Medieval and Renaissance Europe 

Throughout investigations of these topics, students will continue to build and use grammar and writing skills as part of the language arts curriculum.  Narrative, argumentative, and expository writing assignments will be woven into each of the above topics.

Lastly, another major part of our S.S.L.A.P. experience includes Project Based Learning. Sixth graders will become involved in projects that begin in our class, and then branch into other subject areas such as art, music, STEAM and computer tech.  

Our hope is to make this the most memorable academic year for each of our students!